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Welcome to the latest incarnation of the LA2600 messaging system. Due to past problems, we have opted to go with a forum rather than an e-mail list.

This is being done for two principle reasons:

1) Access control - The previous incarnation of the LA2600 e-mail list was not controlled locally, this at times resulted in personality problems spilling well outside our zone of control, and created massive headaches as the people administrating the list were unresponsive to our local problems which allowed them to grow much larger, and they inevitably spilled over into much wider problems. We are a local group, that is active locally, thus we needed to build local infrastructure.

2) Convenience - E-mail lists get busy when things happen. For those of us who still have day jobs, a 200+ post count coming right into your inbox can be a mess, especially if it's a topic you don't care about. A 200+ count thread on a forum won't blow up your inbox. This forum is set up to deliver weekly digests (on tuesdays) you can customize this in your user control panel to get digests as frequently, or as infrequently as you like. The digest system has been set up primarily to increase engagement, as well as notify users of upcoming events. (such as our monthly meeting)


* We are an open society and are firmly of the stance that freedom of speech and open exchange are critical to maintenance of a free and open society. However, we will not tolerate abuse in any form, and the administrators and mods are free to engage as we see fit. You may get a warning, you may get banned, you may get moderated. It's up to us.

* We are a local group, while we appreciate that there is a wider-world our critical focus is on local organization and local action. As a means of controlling spam, this forum uses IP based access lists, and it is very likely that users outside the US will be able to obtain or maintain access. We're sorry, that's just how it shakes out.

* Do not post anything NSFW outside the NSFW forum. Moderators will freely move and remove posts that do not meet SFW standards to this forum. Breaking this rule may result in bans.

* We are based in the US, we must comply with US laws, regardless of how immoral or unfair we may believe them to be. The most current draconian law is the SESTA act. Please do not put us in a position of violating the law, we will remove postings that are questionable.

* This group is composed of adults, and as such we expect people to act like adults. This is an open forum on the internet, except for the NSFW forum, anyone can see what you post, copy it, and post it anywhere else.

We may amend this policy at any time, for any reason.

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